Beach Metal Detecting Guide: How to Read the Beach

Metal detectors have evolved as the lucrative hobby grew in popularity. Here, we have compiled an extensive list of tips based off our experience with the intention to benefit metal detector enthusiasts, despite your skill level.

Best Beach Metal Detector
  • ATX with 12" DD coil
  • Land headphones (waterproof headphones sold separately)
  • Soft storage/travel case
  • Garrett Detector Sling
  • AA alkaline, rechargeable batteries and charger

Tip 1: Expectation vs Reality

Many go in with the expectation of always finding lucrative treasures such as diamond rings and watches. The reality is you will discover scrap metal in comparisons such as bottle caps and pennies.

Tip 2: Persistence Is Key

It’s difficult to forget your first time using my brand-new beach metal detector. Many of us compile a detailed list of things they expect to find on their first outing. After two hours on the beach, however, it’s common to only have a haul consisting of about 3 pennies and a beer can.

While this can be discouraging, you simply need to be persistent and keep searching, as it increases your chances of finding something of value.

Tip 3: Quality Over Quantity

Many people are hesitant when they buy their first metal detector for beach hunting, especially if they are on a budget. As a result, you may be tempted to buy a cheaper device to save on money.

These are alright, but it may not be long until you’re looking to buy another metal detector of a higher quality. It’s always best to buy the best you can while staying within your budget.

Beach Metal Detecting Video: Beach Storm Tides

Tip 4: History Speaks

The best place to search for relics is placed with histories, such as the library or city hall. It’s quite rare to find historic relics, however, so you may have to search for a while before you find any luck.

Tip 5: Time of Day Matters

If you’ve ever gone metal detecting on the beach, you’re probably all too familiar with the stares people give as you cruise along the beach with your metal detector. Sometimes, they may even approach you with questions.

Their curiosity is understandable, but answering their questions takes a lot of time. It’s best to avoid high traffic hours if you want to make the most of your time.

Tip 6:  Man’s Best Friend

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but sand scoops are a metal detector enthusiast’s best friend. The key to metal detecting is persistence and to dig everything! You will never know if you found something extraordinary if you are not digging.

Best Beach Metal Detector For Beginners
  • For detecting coins, jewelry, and artifacts
  • Features pinpoint mode
  • 10 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Weather resistant
  • Detects metals up to 9 in. deep

Tip 7: Get Acquainted with Your Metal Detector

 The first time using your metal detector is likely something you will never forget. You may end up on a crowded beach trying to get acquainted with your device as beach goers were getting acquainted with you.

This is why we recommend starting in your back yard. This allows you to get familiar with your metal detector from the tone and what works for you. If you are using an underwater detector, make sure to go prepared with the right underwater detecting advice.

Tip 8: Move On

In this hobby, discouragement stems from expectations. If you are searching in one location today but found nothing, do not expect to find something tomorrow. It is imperative to rotate your hunting spots often.

Tip 9: Roll Call

If you would not leave the house without your wallet, why would you leave the house without a bag for the hunt? We recommend making a metal detecting checklist, which should include a bag, metal detector and anything else you may need throughout the day!

Tip 10: Pet Peeve

There is nothing more infuriating than searching the beach only to find knee deep holes. If you are digging, be respectful and fill your hole back in. Imagine if that was you losing your footing due to someone else’s carelessness.

Tip 11: The Early Bird vs Night Owl

If you love encountering large crowds because they make you feel like a celebrity with their questions and attention, feel free to search as you please. I

f you are like us and would prefer to avoid them, it is best to search in the early morning or in the evening when there is less foot traffic.

Fisher CZ21-8 For Land & Underwater
  • Saltwater or fresh water - submersible up to 250 feet - dual frequency fourier domain signal analysis
  • Touch-button., vco no motion, precise pinpointing - easy manual ground balance - high performance in mineralized soil
  • All-metal auto-tune mode - large target alert / faint target audio boost
  • 3-Tone Audio Target ID - Removable Control Housing for Belt Mount - 8" and 10" Coil Options - Operating Frequency: 5 and 15 kHz
  • Recommended for: beach hunting, shallow water, lake /surf, diving

Tip 12: Comfort Above All

 There are top metal detectors on the market and there are elite headphones. We have learned from experience, appearances are not everything. We recommend finding headphones that you can wear for a long period of time. These will vary depending on your preferences, but over the ear headphones seem to best.

As always GL & HH

Hi, I'm Brian and I've been digging for the best part of 10 years. I decided to set up Metal Detector List to provide impartial reviews of the very best metal detectors on the market to enable hunters of all levels to make an informed decision before making a purchase


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