Garrett ATX Metal Detector Review

Garrett ATX Metal Detector

A relative newcomer to the professional metal detecting game, the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is one of Garrett’s premium releases. Garrett is particularly known for their quality products, so this one should prove to be exemplary.

The Garrett ATX Metal detector is considered to be the company’s answer to Minelab’s amazing quality of high-end detectors. Minelab has consistently been the leader with top end metal detectors over the years while Garrett, for the most part, stuck with entry level and mid level machines as their niche.

We have the amazing Garrett ACE series, with their 150, 250, and 350 lines as well as the newer Garrett ACE 200, 300, and 400 machines. Again, excellent machines in their own right but targeted towards the entry to mid level tiers.

With the Garrett ATX Metal detector, this marks Garrett’s jumping into the fray of high-end metal detector sales.


Garrett ATX Metal Detector Performance and Design Review

Quality-wise, the Garrett ATX Metal Detectors is nothing short of breath-taking. It’s powerful, easy to use, and with a little bit of practice in tweaking its settings and functions, has the potential to be one of the best pieces of treasure-hunting hardware in the world.

In terms of aesthetic, the ATX is sleek, stylish, and professional-looking. The machine is a military shade of saturated green and has a Garrett logo on its side. With the look of the metal detector itself, it’s already obvious that this was designed for heavy duty usage. Although larger than most common metal detectors, it is far from difficult to handle and can be carried around quite easily.

Its LED screen is simple and straight-forward; with a machine as powerful as the Garrett ATX, there really is little need for anything too complicated. The buttons on the interface are also just as easy to operate.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector Hardware Review

The Garrett metal detector ATX is a reasonable 20 inches (0.51m) in length extendable to as long as 68 inches (1.72m). It weight 6.9 lbs including the machine’s eight AA batteries. As far as factory warranty goes, it carries the Garrett standard 2-year coverage, with limited parts and labor.

Purchasing the standard package will give you the following:

– The ATX Metal Detector
– Eight (8) AA Rechargeable Batteries
– Battery Charger
– Default 10-inch by 12-inch DD Search Coil
– Headphones
– Soft Carry Case

Aside from the default search coil included in the purchase, the Garrett ATX can also operate with a Deepseeker 15-inch by 20-inch Mono Search Coil and an 8-inch Mono Search Coil. Although, the default 10-inch by 12-inch DD Search Coil seems to work the best for the ATX.

Garrett ATX Features

ATX Features Review

The Garrett ATX’s main claim to fame is its sheer power – it registers targets at depths that very few other metal detectors can penetrate; the machine operates at a detection frequency of 730 pulses per second. And as if that wasn’t enough, the ATX can also operate underwater for up to 3 meters.

Its great pentration depth and frequency are possible through Garrett’s utilization of pulse induction technology and can go as deep as almost 20 inches underground.

It has 13 different sensitivity settings, 25 discrimination modes, and automatic pinpointing. It has two detection modes – motion and non-motion – that you can switch from depending on your current treasure hunting preferences.

The variety of audio feedback that the Garrett ATX provides is also quite astounding. It has 15 customizable audio settings that give various audio tone outputs to help you in identifying different types of potential finds.

It has amazingly accurate iron discrimination with its 25 different discrimination settings that can discriminate targets not only based on material but also on size and shape.

The Ground Balance function on this machine is also top-notch. Couple with the automatic pinpointing function of this machine, there aren’t many ground conditions that it can’t handle.

Garrett ATX Video Reviews


Final Word

With everything that the Garrett ATX Metal Detector can do, it truly can be classified as an all-terrain, military grade metal detector. Its versatility, functionality, and power are close to peerless. The sky truly is the limit with this machine.

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