Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Gold was not surprisingly designed and manufactured with gold in mind! Featuring an 18 KHZ frequency which is perfect for detecting gold nugget targets at impressive depths, the AT is the ultimate machine for gold metal detecting.

The device is fitted with an 5″ x 8″ DD Proformance Garrett search coil as standard and users can adjust the audio threshold sound in order to hear and locate targets easier.

It can be used on land and in freshwater up to depths of 10 feet and allows users to adjust the notch discrimination which programs the machine to know which targets are good and which to ignore.

AT Gold Specifications

Dimensions: 21.4 x 14.7 x 6.3 inches
Weight: 14.1 oz
Waterproof: Shallow freshwater
Users manual: Yes & instructional DVD
Targeting depth: 6 to 9 inches (dependent on target)
Coil: 5″ x 9″ DD Proformance
Power source: AA batteries

The Good

  • Quick & easy to set up – The detector requires only a single button touch to be turned on and either reset to factory settings or be operated under your custom settings
  • Target ID scale – Provides users with a specific target value, which helps significantly when trying to pinpoint buried targets
  • Waterproof control housing – The AT Gold can handle the toughest of conditions, including dust, humidity and wet environments. Hunters can use the device up to 10 feet in freshwater
  • 5″ x 8″ standard coil – excellent for targeting smaller targets like gold nuggets and coins
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ground balance features – users have the ability to both manually adjust the ground balance and make use of the fast track setting to adapt to ground minerlization
  • Iron audio – provides hunters the ability to identify and discriminate trashy items, like bottle tops and washers
  • Good battery life – machine can be used for approximately 24 hours on 4 AA batteries
  • Collapsible frame – perfect for vacations
  • Target depth – very sensitive targets can be detected up to a reported 12″ deep, standard is 6″ – 9″
  • Instructional video included – always handy for newbies or those new to Garrett metal detectors
  • Reasonably priced – taking into consideration it’s capabilities and functionalities compared to other brands of metal detectors

The Not So Good

  • Can’t be used in saltwater
  • It’s capabilities for detecting absolutely everything may be disheartening to a newbie who fails to master all the controls
  • As with most detectors it has no volume control for those that prefer to not wear headphones
  • The headphones that come included can not be used in water
  • Ground balance could work a little more effectively on wet sand

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector Video Tutorials & Reviews

Garrett AT Gold FAQ

Will The AT Gold Just Find Gold?

No. Although the model was designed to find gold, which it does very well it will also detect copper and silver better than most.

Can It Be Used In Saltwater?

Not recommended. If you like the look of the AT gold and intend to hunt on the beach and in saltwater, the AT Pro is an excellent choice. Be sure to check out our best beach metal detector article which will provide you with other good options.

What Features Make The AT Pro Saltwater Friendly And The Gold Not?

The AT gold features a higher frequency making it more sensitive to smaller objects and subsequently performing badly on highly minerlaized terrain.

How Deep Will Targets Be Detected?

It will depend on the object and the ground you are hunting on, but as a rule of thumb with the standard coil 6 to 9 inches. If you wanted to go deeper you could swap out the coil for an 8.5 x 11 for example.

Is The Unit VLF Or PI?

The AT Gold is VLF at a frequency of 18 KHZ

Will The Headphones Which Come Included Work In Water?

No. You will need to buy waterproof headphones separately, the ones that come within the box are for land use only.

Top Tip

Invest in the very best pinpointer detector that your budget will allow. Recovery time will dramatically speed up and your whole experience hunting will be enhanced.

We hope you have found this review of the AT Gold a useful one. As you can probably gather we really like the machine and would highly recommend it if your intended use matches it’s purpose. As with all Garrett Metal detectors the AT Gold comes with a 2 year warranty.


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