Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

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The Fisher F2 Metal Detector boasts advanced, reliable features in spite of its status as an entry-level machine. It’s specifically designed for novice treasure hunters, metal detecting enthusiasts, and casual hobbyists. For these beginners, it’s made to operate simply and effectively. It’s also worth noting that since it’s entry-level, it’s also quite available at affordable, entry-level prices.

The F2’s ease of operation is readily apparent in its two- digit number display. This indicates what kind of metal is currently being tracked. It’s useful for efficiently sorting out targets, figuring out whether what you’ve stumbled upon is of value or is junk. This is especially useful for field work in location with a lot of potential false finds – crowded areas such as beaches or public and sports parks.

Fisher F2 Features Review

Many satisfied customers especially like the variety of sounds the Fisher F2 makes when detecting specific kinds of metals. Another commonly raved about feature is, quite obviously, the affordable pricing of the machine.

In terms of the F2’s features, the two metal detector search coils that come with the package are said to be of good quality and is enjoyed by most customers. It might be worth noting however that the pinpointer that comes bundled up with the purchase is often thought to be of relatively flimsy quality. There aren’t a lot of other complaints aside from that, though. And one quick purchase of aftermarket pinpointers for relatively low prices to use on the Fisher F2 could solve that issue easily.


F2 Hardware Review

The Fisher F2 has a handle that takes into account good ergonomics – it’s comfortable and feels natural to grip. This is mostly because of the S-shaped frame which is also at a lightweight 2.6 lbs. The color scheme of the machine is mostly a bright yellow with hints of black seen on the default detector search coil, the frame’s arm cuff, and the housing of the machine.

The 2-digit display, as mentioned before, is straight-forward to use. Big push buttons are used to operate the system; the LED screen has two digits that indicate the values of the target as well as other miscellaneous information.

The F2 weighs 2.6 lbs or 1.2 kg. This measurement already includes the battery pack, just proving how easy this detector is to carry around. Fisher Research Labs also has a factory warranty of five years on the product.

Aside from the standard purchase, consumers can choose to get a Special Bonus Package. This purchase includes professional-grade headphones, a Friskars brand digging tool, and a convenient accessory carry bag.

Fisher F2 Review

Operation Guidelines

As a detector made for beginning hobbyists, most of the Fisher F2 metal detector’s technical specifications and features are geared towards that specific target market. These demographic-specific features include:

– A large numeric dispaly with a simple 2-digit readout
– A simple and straight forward number-based depth readout
– Quick and sensitive responses for potential targets
– Single touch precision target pinpointing
– Visual as well as audio identification; these include 8 visual indicators and 4 unique audio indicators
– Operation at a 5.9 kHz frequency; this is perfect for beginners
– An integrated notch system to readily reject or accept targets
– An amazingly useful feature in the form of the Motion Search Mode’s coin depth indication; this features makes the Fisher F2 metal detector one of the best entry-level coin detectors available in the market

All in all, F2 has amazingly unique features. Some compare it to industry favorites such as the Garrett Ace 150 and 250.

Operating it is simple. Turn it on with the power button to the left of the control panel. It will then make an audible beeping sound and show battery life on the right of the screen. The LCD readout also give various information concerning the current setting of the F2, including indicators on different kinds of potential metal targets.

The plus sign on the right of the control panel is used to discriminate these specific metals. The aforementioned notch button works similarly. Adjusting the detector’s sensitivity increases detection depth but also the probability of false positives. Then there is the pinpointer feature. Holding that button down will help you find your targets.


Fisher F2 Video Review

Final Word

This Fisher F2 Metal Detector review’s verdict is that this machine is unquestionably one of the best entry-level metal detectors for its price in the market. It’s simple, effective, and affordable. Its target demographic are occasional and casual metal detecting and treasure hunting enthusiasts and it satisfies that market with flying colors.

The F2 shines in the coin detecting department. This is mainly due to the aforementioned coin depth indicator. Users could utilize this useful feature in gauging how deep to dig for coins and other valuable relics. Its default settings out of the box are already almost perfectly tuned. again, this was done for the target demographic in mind – beginners and casual hobbyists. this crowd is usually adverse to customizing settings too much and are interested and getting out and doing the detecting.

If you’re on the lookout for a good entry-level machine with a balance of affordability, ease of operation, and lightweight portability, there is no need to look any further. The Fisher F2 metal detector might just be the best metal detector for you.

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