6 Of The Best Places To Metal Detect Guide

The rewards gained from metal detecting can be great, but for beginners, knowing where to metal detect may be a bit puzzling. Even more, when you get your first metal detector, you may be so thrilled to go on the hunt for buried treasure you may not stop to ask yourself where’s the best place to search?

There are a ton of artifacts that have yet to be uncovered and spots you may have not considered, even in your local area. Recognizing this, we’ve made a list of all the best places for metal detecting to help you start your search.

The Beach

Metal Detecting Tips Beginners

The beach is an obvious place to start, but for good reason. If you know when and where to metal detect on a beach you can pick up a lot of great items and you’re almost always guaranteed to find something.

If you are looking to do your metal detecting offshore you would need a permit, but searching for treasure along the shoreline can result in many items being uncovered. The best times to metal detect on the beach is either just after a storm when anything has been washed up on the shore or after sunset when large amounts of people have just left the area leaving behind coins, jewelry, and other lost merchandise for you to collect.


Fields are a great starting place for metal detecting also. Especially in fields that are toiled by farmers. These fields are usually teeming with treasure and artifacts. You would just have to make sure you have the land owner’s permission before you start detecting.

Because these fields are constantly turned, items are brought closer to the surface and can be easily detected when you’re looking for them. Considering the history of those fields could go a long way into knowing which areas are worth your time. Land passes hands often, and the richer in history a piece of land is, the higher the chances are of finding an artifact.

Trails and Wooded Areas

Metal Detecting Woodland

Many people over the years have used trails and footpaths in wooded areas. So, there is a good chance of finding something that people may have lost while traveling along these paths. However, you want to consider who owns that area of the footpath or trail you are metal detecting on and see if you need any special permissions.

Though trails may be of public use, that does not mean that it is owned by the public. It could be that a private landowner simply gave permission for the public to use the trail across their land. That’s why it is important to do your research beforehand. Wooded areas and footpaths have also been known to contain special historical artifacts, like arrow heads and hunting paraphernalia.


Churches are usually some of the oldest buildings in an area because they are usually built just after a community settles in and, as a result, can be hundreds of years old. That’s why they are usually the best place to find old coins and relics of the past that many people would bring to the church.

Ghost Towns

Ghost Town

If you come across abandoned settlement or town then it would be a great place to start metal detecting. Some old mining towns and settlements have treasure and valuable items stashed away waiting to be unearthed.

However, many of these historic towns are under the protection of the government, so you will most likely need to with the proper authorities before you’re start your search. But the odds of you finding some old coins or other historic items are very high.


Tons of stuff may be waiting just below the soil of an old garden and the older the land the higher your chances of finding something special. These areas are usually places of social interactions and where people spend long hours.

So, it is very likely that something may have gotten buried there over time. This can be especially so if the garden is old or attached to some land that with a rich history. Anything from coins, relics, toys, to jewelry can be found in a garden.

Making it a great place to begin metal detecting.


So, if you’re a metal detecting novice, it’s best to start out with some locations where you are bound to find something special. Just make sure you have the proper permissions so that you can keep everything you find. Do your research to find areas that are rich in history especially if you’re searching good places to metal detect like gardens, fields, and ghost towns.

Heavy traffic areas like beaches, trails, and churches often will produce many items to detect; some newer and some historic. But remember to take note of who owns the land, whether its public or private.

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