Best Kids Metal Detectors For Children Of All Ages 2017

Best Kids Metal Detector

When it comes to buying the best kids metal detector you will be spoilt with choice. While it’s always good to have plenty of options, selecting the best possible device which fits your child’s age range can be difficult, especially if you aren’t a digger yourself.

In this guide we wanted to provide you with details on the top detectors for children, reviewing their features, size and weight. As with the very best devices for adults they vary in price, but no matter what your budget, you will be sure to have a clearer picture of exactly what you should be looking for and the options available after reading this article.

It’s important to note that we only ever review “real” devices at Metal Detector List and not toys.

While we fully appreciate the fun these toy devices can bring to a young child, unfortunately when it comes to actually finding treasure they are useless.

Top Kids Metal Detectors Reviewed

Bounty Hunter Junior

Bounty Hunter Junior

Weighing just 1.3 pounds the Bounty Hunter Junior is a lightweight compact device for a smaller child. It has the functionality to detect hidden treasures buried up to 5 inches deep and provides the ability for your young one to determine the approximate depth of their target by the volume of the alert signal strengthening as the object becomes closer.

In order to avoid dissapointment the machine has the ability to distinguish precious and not so precious metals by adjusting the settings. While the signal to detect everything may be a good starting point and more exciting for your child, as they become more experienced and use to finding things, elimanating the alert for non precious items is a valuable feature.

The Bounty Hunter metal detector features a 6.5 inch weatherproof coil and has a comfortable handle which can be gripped for hours without discomfort. At less than $50 it’s a great child sized device to kick start your son or daughters metal detecting hobby!


Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

The gold digger is a great starter device for kids, my own son started digging with this device before moving onto the American Hawks. This baby costs under 50 bucks which is a great deal if you consider your child gets their hands on a machine that can identify targets up to 6in underground and comes included with earphones which are very handy for crowded beaches and secret searches of areas!

I can remember the day it arrived and the ease of which it can be assembled via instructions from the detailed manual. I always try and assemble and test devices from the perspective of different experience levels, and any parent even with little to no metal detecting experience will have this device up and running in no time.

The search coil which is 8″ can be submerged in water and once your child get’s use to the high and low tones of the signal alert they will have the opportunity to find some quality bling – maybe something they can give to their kind mum & dad as a thanks for buying them a quality kids metal detector?

The only negative that is worth mentioning is the trash elimnator on this device is far from accurate ie your child will still be alerted to plenty of garbage which can be annoying and the reason we personally decided on an upgrade.


Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV


As you can probably tell already Bounty Hunter are a leading manufacturer of metal detectors that have built a reputation for quality, reliability and durability. The obvious step up from the Bounty Hunter junior and gold digger is the TK4 Tracker IV. The IV is a device lightweight enough for a child to easily operate but with the features to detect accurately on all types of terrain, including harsh soil conditions.

The easy to use knob interface is perfect for kids, providing the ability to elimanate less desirable targets, much like the Junior device. The Tracker IV has the ability to detect all types of treasures including silver, gold, coins and precious iron relics. The 8 inch coil is perfect for detecing in shallow water, so no need to worry if you turn your back for a second to find your child is working their detector in a shallow river or stream.

Voted the number 1 hobby device on the market, the Tracker is an easy to use machine with proven treasure hunting performance and perfect for children of all ages with parents who are willing to spend $75.


Ground EFX MC1 Youth


This device is likely to turn any kids head – it’s bright green apperance proves very popular with most children.

The durability of the EFX to withstand the most punishing of treatment is second to none. No need to worry if your child could only be described as less than careful – this baby can withstand the roughest of treatment!

The visual target indicator and basic elimantor are simple but very effective – it won’t take long for a young one to get to grips with exactly what the device is telling them. Detecting coins and other small precious metals on a variety of terrains and also underwater up to a depth of 5 inches is impressive, what’s more impressive is the depth it can target larger objects – 24inches (wow!)

The childrens detector weighs just over 3lbs, meaning you can send them off to a quiet part of the beach, get the sun tan lotion on and relax while they have an exciting day treasure hunting!


American Hawks Explorer II

American Hawks Explorer Kids Metal Detector

At $130 this is the most expensive device we have reviewed so far. Classed as a beginner detector for adults and a device which would be geared towards an older child or one which has outgrown a less expensive basic machine.

The LCD display impressively alerts it’s user of the type of object found and the depth in which it’s buried, while the features allow for the operation of finding all metals, discriminating and a notch filter.

The battery, headphones and hand carry bag which come included in the box make the more expensive price tag feel a little less expensive considering these accessories soon add up if buying them seperately.

As I mentioned this is the kids detector my son is currently using and has seen great success with. He has found wheat pennies from the early 70’s and also a Canadian dime – both of which were uncovered on the beach, his now favourite terrain for hunting as you can imagine!

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the less expensive Bounty Hunters, your child will really notice the difference in terms of accuracy, especially when activating the trash filter which seems to be lacking somewhat on the cheaper devices.

Fisher F22


We had the pleasure in reviewing the Fisher F2 in great depth a couple of months ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint. While it’s a good entry level detector for adults, it’s lacking in certain features that make it more than ideal for little ones. The Fisher F22 on the other hand is far better suited boasting excellent target capabilities for detecting valuable artifacts, coins and jewelry.

With a grand total of 10 adjustable sensitivity levels, the device maybe a little complicated for children younger than 8 or 9 . The weight of the machine would also see smaller children struggle to treasure hunt for long periods of time.

For older kids and parents who have set aside a budget of $230 there is no better older children’s metal detector on the market. The machine works seamlessley in even the toughest of conditions featuring professional-grade waterproofing.

The four modes of operation allows for the programming of the device to match your needs and it’s ability to save your exact settings ready for the next hunt is a handy feature.

If you are looking for a device to share between yourself and your child than there is nothing better out there than the Fisher F22.


FAQ – Common Questions Answered On Children’s Detectors

All the kids detectors reviewed above are from leading brands and come with warranties and the guarantee of quality. If you are serious about buying a detector that will actually provide your child with the best possible chance of finding treasure, then we highly advise you to go with a leading manufacturer.

Will My Child Outgrow His Device?

With the majority of detectors no. The shaft has been designed to adjust meaning as your child grows you will be able to extend it. This is particularly handy for younger siblings who will no doubt see their older brother or sister digging and want to have a go themselves.

Aside from an adjusting shaft the best metal detectors for children will feature a handle small enough to fit your kids arm or wrist and a handle comfortable for gripping and hours of fun.

What Can My Child Expect To Find?

Metal detectors specifically for children (aside from toys) are manufactured to detect anything that’s metal – which means your little one has the ability to find coins, jewlrey, gold and other not so valuable treasure!

Will The Device Work At The Beach?

The beach is a fantastic place for your child to go treasure hunting and will keep them busy for hours during your annual vacation (hint hint!).

It’s important to note that while the more expensive devices for adults could be classed as the best underwater detectors and can be used in salt water, the machines we have reviewed above aren’t and should be used on dry sand only. If your child is digging on a busy beach we advise they use headphones to ensure they don’t disturb others who are trying to relax.

Will The Device Work In Fresh Water?

Yes they will but only up to a certain point. If your child is treasure hunting near a shallow river or stream they will be fine to take the device into the water. It’s important to note that the control boxes near to the top of the machines are generally not waterproof, which means a slip or becomming a little ambiteous could cause damage and the need for a replacement!

We hope you found our article on the top kids metal detectors useful. It’s a great hobby for any child to start and beats sitting in playing video games all day hands down.


Hi, I'm Brian and I've been digging for the best part of 10 years. I decided to set up Metal Detector List to provide impartial reviews of the very best metal detectors on the market to enable hunters of all levels to make an informed decision before making a purchase

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    My son who is now 11 started with the Bounty Hunter Junior, but we are considering a change and an upgrade.

    What would you suggest for a kid his age in the $400 – $600 price range?

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