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Best Metal Detectors Coins

Best Coin Metal Detectors

Beginning hobbyists and budding enthusiasts in the field of metal detecting usually get their start by hunting for coins. It’s a good hobby, enjoyable, and simple enough for all people to enjoy. Most would say this is a gratifying way to connect with history, as finding coins help you learn a lot about cultures of the past. Some would also attest that, if lucky, coin hunting is a fun way of earning a profit.

Now, one might ask what specific features to look for in a metal detector if coin hunting is what you’d be using it for. First is ergonomics and weight – simply, if a metal detector is more comfortable to hold, it’s a better metal detector. Next, you have to consider how the machine indicates any potential finds. Older models employ audio indicators, newer ones include visual cues. You should also keep an eye out for ground balance control features and medium to large search coil sizes. Pinpoint control also really helps with those hard-to-find coins.

The following are some good recommendations for coin-hunting metal detectors.

1.) Fisher F22

Fisher F22 Metal Detector
Best Entry Level Detector

The Fisher F22 is a nice entry-level machine and perfect for novice treasure hunters looking to score a decent coin find. It has a nifty water-resistant, weatherproof design that, although was not made to be used underwater, can easily be used in various wet conditions, i.e. when metal detecting in the rain.

It has a 9-segment numerical target identification feature. It doesn’t just rely on visual identification though, it also has a 4-tone audio target identification feature. It has the coveted pinpoint mode and, based on consumer reports, it works fairly well considering its entry-level status as a metal detector.

It has 10 levels of sensitivity that can be customized according to your preferences, and 20 levels of audio volume that can also be personalized. It has an elliptical search coil that is, like the machine, waterproof. Plus, this is one of the lighter metal detectors on this list, coming in at a featherweight 2.3 lbs.


2.) Garrett Ace 350

Fisher F22 Metal Detector
Affordable, Excellent Coin Detector

The Garrett Ace 350 is known for featuring an all-new 7-inch by 10-inch search coil – dubbed the PROformance – that reaches depths not possible with most other search coils. It’s waterproof too, so durability isn’t much of an issue with the coil.

To add to that, the machine also sports an 8 kHz frequency of identification for even higher sensitivity. It has notch discrimination, effective iron resolution, five different search modes and a pinpoint feature, as well as 8 different sensitivity adjustments.

It has an adjustable length of 42 inches that can go as long as 51 inches, has a weight of 2.8 lbs, and runs on four AA batteries. This replaces the now discontinued Garrett Ace 250 – in itself already a wonderful entry-level machine for coin hunting – and is shown to be leaps and bounds already better than its predecessor.


3.) Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Fisher F22 Metal Detector
Consumer Favourite

This is one of Bounty Hunter’s newer models, and as such, promises to be of top-of-the-line quality. It has improved target identification, amazing ground balance and control, extended sensitivity and depth penetration, customizable programs and settings, and an extra-large clear LCD screen that measures a sizable 2” x 3” in size.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 is designed to find the deepest underground rings, relics, jewelry, and – you guessed it – coins. With its ease of operation as well as its customizable settings and programs, this machine is suitable for eager novices as well as seasoned metal-detecting veterans. Also, with its increased identification accuracy, discriminating between nifty finds and metallic junk has never been so easy.

It has four modes – a discrimination mode that is used for general-purpose metal detecting, a pinpoint mode that narrows down search fields when you find a desired target, an all metals mode that does not discriminate and will produce an audible identifying tone when detecting any and all kinds of metal, and a ground grab mode that does away with interference caused by highly mineralized ground conditions.


4.) Tesoro Cortes

Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector
For The More Experienced

The Tesoro Cortes has two things mainly going for it – its amazing simple yet effective controls and its hi-tech digital signal identification. It’s a grab-and-go type of machine that delivers amazing results.

It features an advance digital LCD screen with an alphanumeric readout. It has great control with its ground balance feature that comes with its all metal mode. Again, this type of mode is suited for making readings that respond to any and all metals.

The Tesoro Cortes comes with a lifetime warranty so any doubts in its quality can be put to rest. It has an 8” by 9” concentric coil, runs on eight AA batteries, and weighs less than 3 lbs.

As far as mid-range metal detectors suitable for coin hunting go, this is one of the best finds on the market.


5.) Garrett GTI 2500

The Garrett GTI 2500 is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to metal detecting and coin hunting. It has a package deal that give you all three types of search coils that go with the machine. There is the 12.5” imaging coil, the similar but differently sized 9.5” coil, and the Treasure Hound Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier to give you even more penetrative power regardless of ground condition or target depth.

Purchasing the Pro Package for the Garrett GTI 2500 will give you headphones, a carry bag, a metal-detecting relic hunting book, and a weatherproof screen cover for the LCD.

Other features include advanced circuitry, 24 notch discrimination, indicators for target sizes, automatic pinpoint features, and true coin depth reading. It comes with a variety of menu selections and useful search aids.

All in all, this monster of a machine is one of the best choices you can make when looking for a coin-hunting metal detector.


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